Sysoft Engagement Information Sheet for Big Data Consulting, Architecture, and Software for Injury Prediction and Management


All the Benefits of Sysoft® Architecture & Analytics Support for Large Datasets in Injury Prediction


How can you realize the benefits of information integration, pipeline ML processing and big data analytics for injury prediction and management of athletes and accident victims? Look to the Sysoft’s onsite/offsite consulting and software support in Data Architecture & Analytics for massive datasets that require parallel processing of Machine Learning algorithms. With Sysoft® Big Data Architecture and Analytics support you can get expert help in design of data roadmaps, data clean up, setting up analysis framework, prototype analysis pipelines, data structures and metrics and more. Sysoft provides consulting and software products and support for design and implementation of data driven IT frameworks in injury prediction and management of athletes and accident injury victims.



Sysoft onsite/offsite consulting comes with software and architecture products and support for big data related to injury and prognosis prediction. It provides the right big data architecture, supporting software, and expert consulting for large, complex data sets to conduct predictive analysis and simulation.

  • Design the road map of handling massive and exponentially growing large data sets for injury and prognosis prediction.
  • Build pipeline machine learning automated workflows for data clean up.
  • Build and prototype analysis pipelines iteratively to provide insights at scale to optimize predictive models.
  • Design and develop data structures and metrics for best predictive models targeted to support data driven marketing intelligence and big data models related to injury and prognosis prediction.

Key Features

  • Support for three Cloud based architecture for SaaS implementation — knowledge gathering, strategy development, data model creation and verification, gap analysis, and business process analysis and reengineering for injury prediction, modeling, simulation, and analytics
  • Architecture design and implementation — Support for Oracle, DB2, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, AWS, MS Azure, IBM Cloud
  • Information integration and pipeline ML processing workflows for effective IT frameworks in injury prediction — pipeline process workflow automation to integrate data sets from heterogeneous sources and thousands of sensors
  • Spark and In-memory Analytics Support for Big Data Predictive Analytics — Hadoop, HDFS, Apache Spark, RDD API, elastic cloud computing, Elastic Map Reduce(EMR), parallel computing, multi-core code optimization, stochastic gradient decent, and in-memory analytics
  • Seamless integration with full stack engineering for SaaS based product development — R, Julia, MATLAB, Python, Pandas, Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Elm, Ruby on Rails, CSS, GraphQL, Tailwind CSS, HTML, Nerves.
  • Support for graph Database — organize and manage master data with the flexible and schema-free graph database model to get real-time insights
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