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Sysoft 6000 (E-Business for Managers)
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Sysoft 6000 is a foundation level course. This course is designed to provide a overall background in e-business application development and architecture.

Certified e-Business Architect
Level 1

Solid Foundation

ysoft Internet P

Course List
Sysoft 1000 - Web Application Development, Networking and Database
Sysoft 1200 - Productive Web Development, Multimedia & Wireless Application Protocol
Sysoft 2000 - Working with SWAF
Sysoft 3000 - Corporate Webmaster & e-Commerce - I
Sysoft 3200 - Corporate Webmaster & e-Commerce - II
Sysoft 6000 - e-Business for Managers
Sysoft 7005 - Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
Sysoft 7010 - Requirements Planning for Web Applications
Sysoft 7020 - Web Application Planning and Design Methodology
Sysoft 7030 - Multimedia in Web
Sysoft 7040 - HTML
Sysoft 7050 - JavaScript
Sysoft 7060 - VB Script
Sysoft 7070 - DHTML,CSS
Sysoft 7080 - Quality Assurance for Web
Sysoft 7090 - Web Application Performance Tuning
Sysoft 7100 - Internet Business Strategy
Sysoft 7110 - Collaborative Web Development
Sysoft 7120 - Managing Internet Projects
Sysoft 7130 - XML
Sysoft 7140 - Database Integration
Sysoft 7150 - CGI / Perl
Sysoft 7160 - PHP
Sysoft 7170 - Server Side Scripting and Security
Sysoft 7180 - ASP
Sysoft 7190 - Java, JDBC, Beans
Sysoft 7200 - Servelets
Sysoft 7210 - CORBA
Sysoft 7220 - COM / DCOM
Sysoft 7230 - VB 6.0 and C++ for Internet Server Component Creation
Sysoft 7240 - Creating E-Commerce with XML Applications
Sysoft 7250 - e-Commerce / e-Business Security
Sysoft 7260 - e-Commerce Concepts, Practices, Strategies and Solutions
Sysoft 7270 - e-Commerce Cataloging and Search Mechanisms
Sysoft 7280 - e-Commerce Merchant Systems and Payment Processing
Sysoft 7290 - Intelligent Agents Technology in e-Commerce
Sysoft 7300 - Planning and Implementing Internet / Intranet System Management and Security
Sysoft 7310 - Network Security and Firewalls
Sysoft 7320 - TCP/IP
Sysoft 7330 - Server Administration and Management
Sysoft 7340 - Network Monitoring and Management
Sysoft 7350 - WIN NT and TCP/IP Network Security
Sysoft 7360 - Unix and TCP/IP Network Security
Sysoft 7370 - Security Audit and Analysis
Sysoft 7380 - e-Business Concepts, Practices, Strategies and Solutions
Sysoft 7390 - XML for e-Business
Sysoft 7400 - e-Business Application Development
Sysoft 7410 - Intelligent Agents in e-Business
Sysoft 7420 - Setting up the Internet Infrastructure
Sysoft 7430 - Internet Business Law
Sysoft 7440 - Internet Business Finance

Sysoft Corporate Certification Tracks:

i-net Site Designer
i-net Business Manager
i-net Enterprise Developer
i-net e-Commerce Specialist
i-net Administration & Security Specialist
i-net e-Business Specialist
i-net Entrepreneur


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Sysoft Webmaster selected to deliver the current state of e-Business  technologies in Fall Internet World, NY 
On October 25 at 4 PM, in Fall Internet World, NY, Sysoft Webmasters will show the current state of e-Business development technologies, problems in Webmaster environments and how to create productivity in spite of all the challenges.

Federal government - GSA appreciates Sysoft's e-Business Course
On June 22nd Sysoft delivered its e-Business course "Doing Business on the Web" to the Federal Government GSA organization. It was received as one of the best in its class.

BMW selects SWAF for bringing sanity to Web development
BMW's Intranet application development division selects Sysoft Web Application Framework (SWAF) for developing e-Business applications. SWAF is helping BMW to develop and maintain their Web applications with higher productivity and less cost.

Telcordia adopts Sysoft's e-Commerce program
Telcordia Technologies Inc., formerly Bellcore - the research and development organization of Bell Atlantic has adopted the e-Commerce curriculum of Sysoft.

SWAF integrates with Oracle environment
SWAFv2.0 seamlessly integrates with Oracle 8i platform - Enterprise version of Oracle 8i database engine, JDeveloper, Oracle Application Server and more. JDeveloper can be used to develop JSP, HTTP Servlet, Web Bean Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA Server Object and other components. The effective seamless integration manifests a simple but robust framework architecture of SWAF

Sysoft Webmasters selected as "World Class Internet Subject Matter Experts"
Computer Trade Industry Association selects Sysoft Webmasters as the Internet Subject Matter Experts.

Sysoft announces the i-SAT test
Sysoft announces its i-SAT (Internet Scholastic Aptitude) Test. The test has several sections. It starts with an analytical aptitude test and ends with e-Business knowledge test. It allows Sysoft education faculty to determine the need and preparedness of participants in Sysoft Courses.

Register Now for the Sysoft Business Advantage Seminar
Keep your edge as the most productive and innovative architects, developers and managers on the planet! Join us for the Sysoft Business Advantage Seminar Series now and save $100!

SWAF 2.0 supports Reverse Engineering
The current version of SWAF supports reverse engineering feature. Now webmasters can take their existing work and build reusable components for future projects in a few minutes.

Media declares SWAF as the most innovative tool in Los Angeles Webshow
In Miller Freeman Webshow at LA, SWAF caught the eyes of media attending the Tech Session. The media appreciated the SWAF environment that can bring the world of diverse e-Business technologies in one plate for building world class applications that are easy to maintain and manage.

Sysoft makes i-Sat mandatory for non-corporate participants in Sysoft Courses
Sysoft makes i-Sat (aptitude section) required for individuals planning to take Sysoft courses who are not sponsored by their Corporation, Government Agencies and Educational Institutions.  The test consists of two sections.  The aptitude section test pattern matching and problem solving capabilities.  The technical part tests preparedness for meeting course pre-requisites.  i-Sat is administered by Sysoft and is free to all planning to take Sysoft courses.

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