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SWAF, resuable web assets, productive web development, easy maintenance, development management environment Product Information  Winner of Silicon Valleys Internet Commerce Expo - Content Management Software award

SWAF provides  an  integrated and open architecture for developing world class professional web, e-commerce and e-business applications. SWAF is productive, user-friendly, extremely easy to use tool. It seamlessly integrates diverse technologies. You can develop your Web application with your favorite Web tools like DreamWeaver, GoLive, HomeSite, FrontPage etc. and then take it to the next level. SWAF integrates with all these tools and extends their capabilities to generate professional eBusiness/Web applications. It allows you to drag and drop interactive web objects like ASP, CGI, ColdFusion, DHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, SSI, Multimedia, Database, and Java right onto your web pages. You can create your own custom objects, reuse objects from the organizational library, create your own library from various sources and even reverse engineer objects into your library from existing applications, SWAF is capable of graphically showing the links, graphics and other objects/components added in a file. If a link or a graphic or a component is broken or missing, it is easily visible in this graphical environment. It maintains development documentation and activity history. It allows you to develop component based web applications through custom code libraries, reverse engineering and use of smart templates.  It generates professional, server optimized, interactive web applications that look the same in all browsers. The best part of SWAF is that all of these can be achieved without any significant programming or scripting expertise while increasing consistency and reducing duplication of efforts. For programmers, SWAF is an  essential development management tool. In the software industry, SWAF is used even by C++ developers to manage their development system. In this framework, you can add unlimited number of tools. You can reverse engineer and reengineer your applications.  SWAF facilitates building  reusable web assets.
  • Consistent and productive development based on requirements and design components
  • Builds application that are very easy to maintain
  • Excellent development management tool with automated documentation process
  • You can gain extremely high productivity & empower your developers
  • Build reusable web assets and drag and drop them on your applications.
  • Eliminates all those broken links, orphans, missing images and components
  • Get control of graphics and code library management
  • Reverse engineer your existing applications into reusable Web assets
  • Reengineer your existing applications for easy maintenance
  • Build truly cross browser compatible applications
  • Automate application development with smart templates
  • Gain productivity with automated publishing
Feature Highlights 
SWAFTM allows you to integrate diverse web technologies while maintaining consistency, repeatability and corporate web development standards.

SWAFTM supports :
ASP, Flash, PHP, UML, HTML, SMIL, JSP, WML, CGI, ColdFusion, DHTML, CSS, CSS2,   XML, JavaScript, VB Script, SSI, Multimedia, Database, Java and other technologies -

  • Produces web applications/sites optimized for a specific web server
  • Produces cross browser compatible web applications/sites
  • Requires no programming or scripting knowledge
  • Add your own scripting and programming to create custom code library
  • Keeps track of user activity and allows you to undo and redo activities
  • Facilitates documenting your code for easy application maintenance
  • Allows drag and drop of encapsulated web objects while writing your own code
  • Accommodates integration of unlimited number of tools
  • Maintains target server for a project
  • Supports projects with multiple target servers
  • Contains an explorer for project management and file management
  • Supports automated and incremental publishing (upload) and download from servers
  • Facilitates capturing your custom code and converting the same to reusable web assets
  • Can drop your code on the target pages or application with intelligence
  • Supports reverse engineering and reengineering of web applications to enhance productivity & easy maintenance
  • Creates templates for template driven automated web publication
  • Allows webmasters to distribute template driven web applications
  • SWAF explorer allows preview of images
  • Supports creation of rollover objects with flexibility and productivity
  • Supports collaborative development under a network
  • Supports version management (Source Safe)
Web Servers and Environments Supported
Servers Supported
- Microsoft Internet Information Server
- Netscap
e Web Servers
- Apache Server
- Web site Pro Server
- Cold Fusion Server

HTML/DHTML Editors Supported
- All

Why choose SWAF
  • Productive and Consistent web application development
  • Easy maintenance of web site
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Reverse Engineering and Reengineering Internet/Intranet Applications
  • Develop commercial E-Commerce or E-Business Applications in hours instead of weeks/months
  • Undo activities and redo if necessary
  • Guides you in web application development based on your web server selection
  • Support of web development methodologies
  • Seamless integration of other tools in the framework

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