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Certified eBusiness Webmaster

Sysoft 1000, 1200, 3000, 3200 and 6000  Certified eBusiness Webmaster Program Registration and Schedule Click to see eBusiness Webmaster Program Outline

eBusiness webmasters design, develop and manage the business as well as technical specifics of a contemporary web application. 

Some Examples of Job Roles

  • Designing and developing Oracle/SQL Server/Other RDBMS based eBusiness Applications using SQL and/or XML
  • Integrating front-end and back-end of eBusiness applications using XML, JavaScript, ASP, Flash, ColdFusion, Web page editing tools like DreamWeaver/FrontPage, graphics/multimedia editing tools and more
  • Build and maintain a security infrastructure for an eBusiness portal or application
  • Designing, developing and/or managing an auction site like eBay
  • Designing, developing and/or managing the departmental Intranet for a company
  • Designing, developing and/or managing standard portals 
  • Developing reports for the CIO
  • Designing, developing and/or managing secured Extranets
  • Doing business on the Web from inception to realization
  • Managing and participating in any eBusiness function with competence of professional content management and development
  • Hands-on eMarketing
  • Search engine positioning of Web applications
  • Working as or reporting to the CIO (Corporate Information Officer) of the corporation
  • Interface with enterprise developers (Java/XML or ASP/XML)
  • Interface with graphic artist and multimedia developers
  • Interface with security/networking professionals
  • eBusiness ready hands-on projects management

Program Details

Sysoft 1000 - Web Application Development, Networking and Database 
Sysoft 3000 - Corporate Webmaster & eCommerce - I
Sysoft 1200 - Productive Web Development, multimedia and Wireless Application Protocol
Sysoft 3200 - Corporate Webmaster & eCommerce - II
Sysoft 6000 - eBusiness for Managers
Sysoft 8200 - Database Administration for eBusiness



Working knowledge of a PC/Windows or MAC

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