RFP Process and Evaluation

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RFP Process and Evaluation

Sysoft eRFP is a full life cycle manager for Request for Proposals. It is centered on the world class Sysoft eRFP Proposal Evaluation software used in many corporations, NGOs, universities, local, state, and federal governments since 2002. It is the recognized gold standard for RFP process management and proposal evaluation. Sysoft eRFP's reputation, functionalities, ease and depth of use, and support exceeds that of any comparable systems. Sysoft eRFP is an add-on to the traditional ERP or other eProcurement systems. Many organizations use eRFP in a standalone environment. Typical ERP or eProcurement systems do not provide functionalities of eRFP.

Organizations create, solicit, manage, evaluate, and award RFPs with eRFP system. Seamlessly contracts are generated and contract management functionalities are available for efficient contract monitoring. Organizations can monitor vendor performance and feed it back to the RFP process for future process improvement.

Sysoft eRFP provides professional level version controlled RFP evaluation with full transparency, audit trail, intelligent reports, and visual analytics. The system uses deep artificial intelligence, data analytics, and advanced machine learning tools to improve and optimize best value sourcing. Many industry standard cost and pricing models help in evaluation process and detection of collusion and other possible manipulation in the process. Risk management modules help in optimal best value sourcing.

The contract management system in eRFP supports traditional contracts, smart contracts, performance based contracts and more. A single database allows seamless management of the whole process with high productivity and seamless work flow management. The system continuously highlights context sensitive cost savings and productivity enhancement information.